Monday, 2 July 2012

A long time

It's been a long time since I last did anything concerning Web 2 technology and I have to admit that I couldn't even remember how to post a blog!  Well, I have had a meeting with my boss and completeing the 23 Things is now set as one of my goals so the pressure is is it step 4 or 5 next....? Doh!.

Monday, 28 May 2012


I think I might be seeing the dawn!  A tiny, shimmer that could be a very dim and distant light ray....?
I am sitting on the enquiry desk, exploring various blogs in between students and have registered with netvibes because of a link I followed on a blog.  I have also been reconsidering Twitter and feel that perhaps I need to make a public confession:  I DON'T HAVE A MOBILE PHONE.
I read somebody's blog expressing the view that the value of Twitter is its immedicacy and being able to read it on a mobile device anytime/anywhere so this might explain my hesitancy in fully adopting it.

For my own use I feel that I want to carefully select the tools that I take up. I am really enjoying connecting with people, I love the potential Web 2.0 has to help, share and advise but I still feel wary of going the whole hog because time is precious and there is just too much irrelevant information out there.  But I am realising that I actually don't have to "go the whole hog" I can pick and choose and I don't have to follow, subscribe or RSS feed everything!

Friday, 25 May 2012


Day two of this Web 2 malarkey and I am thoroughly frustrated.  I have had a comment sent to me from this blog - thank you very much Pearls Ponderings it really is lovely to think there are people out there but I don't know how to reply aaaggghhhh!!!

Yesterday I created a Twitter account and found that step easy enough but am struggling to grasp the use of it.  It seems to me as if it is a good way to have a quick conversation in a question and answer format but to get the just of it you need to be in on it at the beginning.  Perhaps it is hot and a Friday afternoon and I need the weekend to recover my sense of willingness?

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I am now following Thing 3 on the course - searching for myself on Google, and having scrolled through 6 pages I still haven't found myself! The thing is, I don't really want this to change.  I am yet to be convinced of the real value of having a presence on the web.  I agree, it can be interesting to read about other people and what they are up to, but in my heart of hearts I think more hours are wasted than gained in productive enquiry.  I am, however, open to changing my mind .... so carry on!

First Step for Grey Hairs

Well, this is my first step at trying to get with it.  At only 42 years of age I feel too young to be feeling that the world is slowly slipping away from me but that is how I feel.  So, taking a deep breath I am starting on this 23 Things for Professional Development online course after which I hope I will be in the know and feel fully in the world (although I am still to be convinced that I want to join it!).