Friday, 25 May 2012


Day two of this Web 2 malarkey and I am thoroughly frustrated.  I have had a comment sent to me from this blog - thank you very much Pearls Ponderings it really is lovely to think there are people out there but I don't know how to reply aaaggghhhh!!!

Yesterday I created a Twitter account and found that step easy enough but am struggling to grasp the use of it.  It seems to me as if it is a good way to have a quick conversation in a question and answer format but to get the just of it you need to be in on it at the beginning.  Perhaps it is hot and a Friday afternoon and I need the weekend to recover my sense of willingness?


  1. Don't worry Grey Hairs! I think Twitter will become more relevant to you if you identify people (or places) to "follow" who will tell you things you are really interested in. I follow people who live in the same small town as me - I don't know them, but they can be useful for things like road works, landslips(!), publicising local events, things like that. One problem you may have is that Twitter is yet another website to look at. I use netvibes so I can see at a glance my Twitter, FB, yahoo email and the local weather - all at the same time. Much simpler. Have a lovely weekend!. Jill.

  2. Are you logged into your Google account when trying to reply? If so you should be able to just post a comment on your own blog in reply.