Monday, 28 May 2012


I think I might be seeing the dawn!  A tiny, shimmer that could be a very dim and distant light ray....?
I am sitting on the enquiry desk, exploring various blogs in between students and have registered with netvibes because of a link I followed on a blog.  I have also been reconsidering Twitter and feel that perhaps I need to make a public confession:  I DON'T HAVE A MOBILE PHONE.
I read somebody's blog expressing the view that the value of Twitter is its immedicacy and being able to read it on a mobile device anytime/anywhere so this might explain my hesitancy in fully adopting it.

For my own use I feel that I want to carefully select the tools that I take up. I am really enjoying connecting with people, I love the potential Web 2.0 has to help, share and advise but I still feel wary of going the whole hog because time is precious and there is just too much irrelevant information out there.  But I am realising that I actually don't have to "go the whole hog" I can pick and choose and I don't have to follow, subscribe or RSS feed everything!

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